User Agreement

Before using the website, read the user agreement. The terms of the user agreement are accepted by all visitors (hereafter referred to as "users") who use the https://calculatorcafe.com/ (shortly referred to as "calculator cafe") website. You should not visit the site if you do not wish to be bound by the terms of the user agreement.

The following terms and conditions are accepted by users:

General Provisions

  1. They are responsible for any legal and criminal consequences deriving from their transactions on the site.
  2. The services on this site can be used for informative and non-commercial reasons by the user.
  3. The site has the right to alter the contract, content, and service at any time, with or without notice, and the site is under no obligation to do so.
  4. Users agree that the Calculator Cafe website and its business partners will not engage in any behavior that jeopardizes the site's security or reputation.
  5. Although the site cannot be held liable for the material's correctness, security, or accuracy, it cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the content.
  6. The illegality of any of the items in the User Agreement in the legal provision has no bearing on the validity of the others.
  7. Account Tools ensure that the information presented is accurate and up to date, but despite this, the information published on the site may lag behind real changes.
  8. An addendum to this agreement is the 'Confidentiality Agreement' displayed within the scope of the site.
  9. Account Tools, website partnerships, or third parties with advertising cooperation may add cookies to the site; adding cookies is for the aim of monitoring web traffic and conducting targeted advertising campaigns; users are not limited in accepting cookies or not accepting cookies.
  10. The user accepts, declares, and undertakes that he will cover the damages that may arise in the event of unauthorized use or connection of the site; the site is not responsible for the damages that may arise, and the users undertake not to make any claims; the user accepts, declares, and undertakes that he will cover the damages that may arise in the event of unlawful use of the site; the user accepts, declares, and undertakes that he will cover the damages that may arise in the event of unlawful;
  11. Although the site contains links to third-party websites for advertising reasons, the Account Tools cannot guarantee the links' reliability or correctness. Individuals are responsible for any difficulties that may happen as a result of visiting and using the third-party website.
  12. Users agree that the information they supply when registering for the site is accurate and in accordance with the law.
  13. The user accepts and undertakes not to duplicate, reproduce, or distribute files and words on the site's visual and audio aspects.
  14. Only personal usage for legitimate reasons is permitted on the site.

Intellectual Property Rights

Account Tools owns all registered and unregistered intellectual property rights to the brand, company name, logo, title, content, design, and symbol on this website. Users do not acquire any intellectual property rights as a result of using the website.

When visiting or using the website, the user accepts, declares, and agrees not to breach intellectual property rights.

Without the prior consent of Account Tools, the information on this website may not be copied, published, transferred, distributed, reproduced, or processed.


This contract is effective as soon as it is posted on the internet. Account Tools has the right to modify this agreement at any time. As long as they continue to use the site, real and legal people acknowledge, declare, and agree to abide by the contract articles.